Africa Chess Championships 2021: Round 2 Update

Not a good day for Kenya

Round two was not good for Kenya producing a surprise result when the higher rated and most experienced Kenyan CM Benjamin Magana of KCB (Elo 2031) lost to the lower rated Thomas Saah (Elo 1830), the reigning Liberian champion.

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Kenya's Ben Magana in action at the African Chess Championships 2021

Another major Kenya hopeful Joseph Methu (2119) of KCB fell to Uganda and Equity Kenya’s FM Patrick Kawuma (2323) in a clash reminiscent of our local league match which resumes soon. Kawuma faces the might of top seed Egyptian super grandmaster Bassem Amin rated Elo 2701 in round 3 action today.

However, continental debutant Brian Kadenge (Elo 1867) spared our blushes by defeating the higher-rated Malawian Chiletso Chipanga (Elo 2043) which will surely boost his rating. Other Kenyans scoring their first wins were WCM Joyce Ndirangu, Martin Njoroge, and Jackson Ndegwa. 

It must be emphasized that the seemingly low ratings of many players are misleading on strength and in most cases it is either inactivity or having played few FIDE-rated events and many tend to underrate them. The ratings tend to be more accurate and stable on strength from Elo 2200. 

Below are results for Kenya,

Round 2 Gallery