GM Adly Ahmed is King of Zone 4.2

Zone 4.2 Chess Championship

GM Adly Ahmed is King of Zone 4.2 with a decisive victory against James Panchol of South Sudan. James Panchol was under the spotlight to see if his swashbuckling style could outplay one of Africa’s top players

GM Adly intentions were clear that he wanted to win his last round when he opened with the Sicilian Defense against e4. In the end, the powerful three connected passed pawns were too much for James Panchol who capitulated in the end.

GM Adly who was leading the pack at the end of round 8 needed to win his game and be declared King of Zone 4.2.  He will now represent Zone 4.2 in the upcoming World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia.

FM Haruna Nsubuga of Uganda ended up in the 2nd spot with a victory over Kenyan Matthew Kanegeni. He ended up with an impressive 7.5 points.  IM Arthur Ssegwanyi of Uganda was also in joint 2nd place with the same points but lower tie-break.

GM Abedelrahman Hesham of Egypt ended up in the 3rd spot after defeating Mehul Gohil of Kenya in round 9.

Odoo • Text and Image
GM Adly Ahmed. Photo credit of Eastmond Mwenda 
Odoo • Image and Text
GM Abedelrahman Hesham of Egypt. Photo credit Eastmond Mwenda

Team Kenya

Matthew Kanegeni was the best placed Kenyan in joint 5th spot with 5 points.

Mehul Gohil scored 4.5 points to end up in sixth place.

CM Vasanth Ramesh, Peter Gilruth & Elvis Likoko scored 4 points each and ended up in seventh place.

WCM Joyce Nyaruai ended with an impressive 5 points and in fourth place.

Gloria Jumba ended with 4.5 points and in joint 5th place.

WFM Sasha Mongeli ended with 4 points in 7th place.

Winners Ladies Section

WFM Ivy Amoko of Uganda was in devastating form.  She defeated Kenya National Champion Gloria Jumba in her last round to end with 7.5 points.

Alaa Moaataz of Egypt was in joint second place with compatriot WFM Sohayla Abdelmenaem with 6.5 points.

Alaa Moaataz, however, had a higher tie break and was placed to take the silver medal

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WFM Ivy Amoko of Uganda in action. Photo credit Eastmond Mwenda

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