Mehul Gohil & WCM Lucy Wanjiru Crowned Kenya National Champions

Mehul Gohil is the 2019 Kenya National Champion. He drew his final round 9 game against Ben Nguku to win the title . Mehul Gohil was undefeated in this tough tournament with seven wins and two draws.

Photo | Kimbhari

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Why do we advocate for Chess?   Chess is a universal game, knowing no boundaries of age, gender, faith, ethnicity or disability, that promotes key intellectual skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, pattern recognition and concentration. Playing chess also fosters intellectual character. Its cerebral reputation boosts self-esteem and gives children  ‘grit’  – the tenacity to cope with adversity – which helps them grow into rounded and employable individuals. It does this by teaching children how to lose and how to win gracefully, to think ahead and foresee the consequences of their actions.

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To foster increased interest, participation, and enjoyment of the game of  chess in Kenya and neighboring countries.

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Nurture, Promote and Sustain a thriving Chess Community, Aspiring and Achieving Sports Excellence for Kenya

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  • Credibility
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  • Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Stability

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